Joining Nelson Lawn Tennis Club - Membership

Please note that all membership fees are due on or before 1st October each year. You can however join the club at any time of the year.

What your Membership Pays For

NLTC is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of the facilities and part of your membership fee is used to ensure that we continue to have great courts and lights to play on and under.  Another portion of your fee goes to Tennis NZ and Nelson Bays Tennis Association in order to support development of tennis both nationally and across the region. You can see this in action with the likes of our local junior and senior tournaments, development squads and nationally with the roll out of programmes such as Tennis Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis and Tennis Xpress.

Being a member of NLTC brings the following benefits:

  • Fantastic facilities
  • Access to great professional tennis coaching programmes
  • Opportunity to play interclub tennis for NLTC
  • Fun social events
  • Life-long friendships.


With the aim of making tennis as accessible as possible, we have many membership options available.

Our playing year runs from 1st October to 30th September. If you are joining the club from January onwards, we offer a discount on fees. Please contact us for more information on the discount that is applied.

The fees for the 2018/19 season can be viewed on the senior membership application form page here, and the Junior membership application form page here.

Membership Access Card - $10

This is a one-off administration fee in order to provide you with a card to access the courts. If you've never had a card, or need a new one, simply fill in your membership form, pay your fee with an additional administration fee of $10 and your access card will be dispatched to you.

If you have a card already, simply pay your annual membership fee and it will be reactivated.

Due to health and safety concerns, we cannot issue access cards to junior members (see below for alternative access options).

Court Access for Juniors Outwith Coaching Sessions

Each junior member will be given a shoe tag, confirming their membership and can request access to the courts if the coach or other adults are playing at the time and they will open the gate for them. If there is no one else present the following options are worth considering:

  • Pay the $6 casual play entry fee
  • A parent can join as a social member and purchase an access card for a total of $135 (incl access card) for the year
  • Sign up for a family social membership (2 adults and 2 children) for a total of $270 (incl access card) for the year