Senior Membership Application Form

How to Pay

Payment is via online banking. Our account number is: 03-1354-0349167-00.

Please ensure you include your name as a reference.

Once we have received payment, you will be posted your membership access card (if you've applied for one) and you can start playing immediately.

Annual Membership Fees & Type

Member Type


Court Access Card *


Senior Competitive



Adult full membership

Senior Social



Ineligible for any NBTA competition

Senior Affiliated Competitive



Affiliated to another club

Senior Affiliated Social



Affiliated to another club. Ineligible for any NBTA competition

Family Social



Ineligible for any NBTA competition

Student Competitive



Secondary Student Playing Senior Interclub

U24 Competitive



Under 24 yrs Playing Senior

*Court Access Card - a one-off fee

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Please include Name, Male/Female, D.O.B, Mobile phone, Member Type of any additional family members included in this application.
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If you have any queries in the meantime, or want to join right now, please email us.